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Why join us?


We are the ultimate fashion forward online destination, which has many dual opportunities to showcase your designs. We can promote past, current and upcoming collections for sale to fashion focused men and women who truly value discovering and wearing beautiful new designers. We are a style-orientated company and delight in offering customers a range of choice with street style influences. The benefits are many:


1) Customer shopping experience


Your products will be showcased alongside our hand-picked selection of luxury designers. You may offer the most beautiful dresses but you may not produce the complimentary shoes, accessories or finishing touches to complete the outfit. Our site allows customers to buy from several independent designers in one easy and simple transaction.


2) Sales and marketing capabilities


As an independent brand you can benefit from the expert sales and marketing capabilities employed by Secret d’Or. What do these include?

-          Paid Branded Marketing and Promotions

-          Paid Social Media Optimization

-          Paid Search Engine Optimization

-          Relationships with fashion influencers and bloggers

-          Feature in our email marketing campaigns and gain brand exposure

-          Being featured in our ‘Style Unlocked’ a magazine we can create for events.


3) Join our promotions


As a designer you can choose to opt into our ‘Centralized Promotions’, which we will create on an ad hoc basis. You are also able to create your own promotions, ‘Decentralized Promotions,’ which can be very useful for past collections and excess stock.


4) Pre-order


As a designer, you can test out your upcoming collections and showcase your creations to our client base who can order them before they are in stock.


5) Keep your identity


Each boutique showcases a  ‘Designer Story ‘ which is an interview whereby our readers can learn more about you, your influences and the ethos of your brand. We also have an area for you to upload your own press so that customers can learn about your highlights. If you have dressed an icon, our customers and we want to know about it!


6) Secure payment system


As an online marketplace we take data protection very seriously and at no point do we hold yours or our customers direct payment details. Instead we have an integrated payment solution with PayPal, which allows us to manage payments from clients and to you seamlessly. We wait a period of 15 days (in case of refunds) and then the money is transferred straight to your Paypal account on the 15th or final day of the month.


7) Innovative fashion destination


We believe that fashion and design should stimulate every sense and we strive to have a lot of fun with this concept. Enjoy being part of a fashion destination which steps away from the mainstream and aims to constantly surprise our design partners and customers alike with fun, innovative and out-of-the-box ideas. Intrigued? Join Us!


8) Exposure opportunities


We provide our design partners with events to receive exposure and press. We regularly attend a range of events all over the world; creating useful tools to help you build your business and propel into the media.



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