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Baxter Design


Can you tell us a little more about yourself and your brand?

I started a designer workroom in the Philadelphia area 15 years ago creating fabric décor products for high end interior designers and commercial clients. After years of working with some of the most beautiful fabrics available, I was inspired to create a line of luxury tote bags. First, creating them for interior designers to use as a “business bag”, then taking orders as interest grew.


Who is the Baxter Designs customer?

People who are not looking necessarily for a “brand” look, but more of a unique finely crafted product are interested in Baxter Designs handbags.


What aspect of your work is most recognizable?

The fabrics the handbags are made from are the most distinct part of the product. You will not find them anywhere else.


Describe your brand in 3 words.

Elegant, bold, tactile.


Is there a secret ingredient to your designing and making process?

Because the fabrics themselves make most of the statement, I try to keep the shape and style simple and practical. Interior zippers, pockets and key fobs help keep everything organized and accessible.


What’s your favourite piece?

 My own personal handbag is the Magnetic coral tote. My wardrobe is filled with corals, and it always seems to compliment what I am wearing.


What’s your working environment like? Does organization foster creativity or do you find creative freedom in a more scattered environment?

It is what I call organized chaos! When things get too scattered, I have a “get control of my environment day” and put everything back in its place and then start all over again.


Can you give us a sneak peak into your upcoming collection? What’s on your inspiration board?

I am currently creating a wider shorter work tote with a zipper closure that will hold business files perfectly. For the outside fabrics I am considering  hounds tooth plaids.


What would you say is the Baxter Designs ethos?

Projecting quality craftsmanship and unique style with less brand labelling is what we strive. Our labels are subtlety sewn inside the bags so that more emphasis can be paid to the design and style of the handbag itself.


What is your ultimate creative goal?

Ultimately I would like Baxter Designs be able to be successful enough to constantly be creating unique style to the marketplace. We don’t need to be the biggest, we just want to contribute quality and beauty to whatever we offer.


You create cushions and bags, what inspired this duo?

Baxter Designs was originally make product for the home, and cushions were an easy part of that business to keep, as well as offering the customer an essential piece add colour and style to a room.


Who would you most like to wear your bag designs?

 I always enjoy other Artists appreciation of the bags unique style, so any other designer in the industry would be a great compliment.


Finally, care to share a little secret? What happens behind the closed doors at Baxter Designs?

We constantly brainstorm about what sells best versus what we personally like the most. Sometimes we wish some fair god mother would just make the decision for us!!

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